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Signs And Accessories

Roadshark signs and accessories include 18 by 24 reflective aluminum signs displaying information such as:

These signs are typically installed to warn motorists of the speed limit in the vicinity of a Roadshark one-way barrier.

Typically installed to warn motorists that severe tire damage will occur if they proceed forward against the blades of a Roadshark one-way barrier.

These are usually put in to warn motorists that severe tire damage will occur if they back up over a Roadshark one-way barrier.

Some WARNING signs display images of the traffic barriers, warning motorists what will happen if they drive in the wrong direction.

Signs are typically 45cm wide, and 60cm high, and are generally six pounds. All are chemical- and weather-resistant, using Avery Dennison T-2500 Reflective material and OL-1000 laminate coating. They have a three-year warranty, and come in black, green, red, or white.

A two-inch diameter powder-coated steel pole may be used to post one sign or two (one on each side of the pole; this is helpful in cases where motorists traveling one way need to be warned against entering a lane, and motorists traveling the opposite way must be informed that the lane only serves as an exit.). The post includes a base and mounting hardware (four wedge bolts, lag bolts, or the like) for installing it on asphalt or concrete surfaces.

Posts are designed for a standard mounting height of five feet, with the top of the sign ending at seven feet.

Other accessories include—

  • Roadshark steel speed bump, 2″ in height, 36″ (SBS38) or 48″ (SMS48) wide. Rubber speed bumps are available in 48″ or 72″.

  • A 20-inch “Do Not Enter” stencil to be placed on the pavement. (Stencils are normally painted with yellow or white paint.) 

If you are searching for tiger teeth please remember that TigerTeeth™ is a registered US Trademark of Roadshark International Inc.

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