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Roadshark International
Roadshark International

Products for Military, Police and Industrial Security Applications.

Military, Police and Industrial Products

We have been building traffic control systems since 2005. Continuous Improvement has resulted in the development of the most reliable products on the market. We engineer durable, long lasting products that are low maintenance. Customer satisfaction is our main goal.

Watch The Roadshark Tire Shredder in Action!

LPC One Way Barrier

(LPC38 shown in photo above)

These barriers are easily installed and control the direction of traffic. They are the first line of defense at over 100 military sites and high security facilities

Electric Barriers

(SME2000 system (20ft length) shown in photo above)

Roadshark electric barriers provide enhanced security for parking lots, gated communities, military bases, and more.

Tire Shredder Road Spikes at Military Checkpoint

TigerTeeth Surface Mount Traffic Spikes – TT38 & TT48

(TT48 shown in photo above)

A surface mounted oneway barrier. Low blade height makes it ideal for parking lots, exits and gated communities.

Surface Mount Traffic Spikes – SM38 & SM48 – Blade Height 4.25″

(SM48 shown in photo above)

A surface mounted oneway barrier with a base height of 2 inches, equal to a common speed bump.

We are a distributor for Magnumspike portable spike strips for Military and Police use

Levi’s Stadium Maintenance Crew

“We’ve tried this type of equipment from 3 other companies and none of them could survive the traffic we get on game days (6000-8000 vehicles). We are very happy with the Roadshark equipment and our maintenance has gone from 30 hours per month to 4 hours per month (cleaning). Our annual budget for replacement parts is now $250 instead of $1000.00+.”