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About Us

(LPC38 shown in photo above)

Roadshark International Inc. manufactures a complete line of access and traffic control products for Military, Police and Industrial Security applications.

Established in 2005, our passion for creating cutting-edge products that enhance safety and security has resulted in the development of industry leading spike barrier products and solutions. Our commitment to quality and attention to detail has driven us to create some of the most durable and reliable spike barriers in the world.

Our Low Profile Counterbalanced (LPC) barriers, Low Profile Electric (LPE) barriers, Surface Mount Electric (SME) barriers, and Surface Mount Traffic Spike product lines protect military bases, navy sites, parking lots and gated communities all over the world.

We are based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada but ship products worldwide. We also custom build equipment to meet our customers’ requirements when needed.

Our Mission

At Roadshark, our mission is simple: to provide traffic control and security solutions that help ensure the safety of drivers, pedestrians and property across the world.

Our Products

Roadshark offers a wide range of advanced traffic control solutions designed to address the unique challenges faced by transportation departments, law enforcement agencies, private businesses, home owners associations and more. Our product lineup includes state-of-the-art automatic tire spikes, traffic barriers, and access control systems. These solutions are meticulously engineered to provide unparalleled performance, durability, and ease of use.

Our Spike Barriers are also known as tyre killers, tire shredders, tire killers, vehicle blockers, tire spikes, road spikes, road shark, directional traffic control (military DTC), traffic control point (military TCP) and directional traffic spikes.  Entry control point military ECP

If you are searching for tiger teeth please remember that TigerTeeth™ is a registered US Trademark of Roadshark International Inc.

Roadshark has developed an inground oneway traffic barrier product RoadBlade™ for highway offramps to prevent wrong-way driving accidents. It is currently in use for high traffic military sites (where all other brands have failed.)  Contact Roadshark for details.    RoadBlade™ is a registered US Trademark of Roadshark International Inc.

Electric and Non-Electric systems are usually assembled using 38” and 48” sections /segments. Electric systems range from 6ft to 32 ft in length.  Systems can be activated by KeyPad (10digit), Card reader, Tag reader, Key Fob Remote Control, wired controller and Wireless cell phone or WiFI receiver.  Electric systems can be synchronized with existing gate arms, existing gates or with computerized PLC security systems.

Roadshark also has developed spring loaded models that have an electric override function where blades can be locked down during emergency situations.  Ask for details on our SMO and LPO model.

New for 2023!

SMM and LPM – Surface Mount Manual and Low Profile Manual lockable systems.   Are effective at preventing auto theft and theft from compounds and private property.  Blades are manually locked up on down and no electricity is required.  Systems are available from 6ft-32 ft.