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LPC One Way Barrier

(LPC38 shown in photo above)

Roadshark is the first line of Defense at hundreds of military bases and high-security facilities. LPC One Way Barriers provide excellent security for resorts, U.S. Navy bases, warehouse sites and more.  These barriers are easily installed and control the direction and flow of traffic.

What exactly is an LPC barrier?

An LPC One Way Barrier is a Low-Profile Counterbalanced barrier. It acts as a deterrent for vehicles driving the wrong way. As a counterbalanced barrier, the LPC uses counterweights to keep its blades in the armed position; it also has the option of springs, which add more tension to the blades. Speeds of over 10 mph may reduce the life of the auxiliary springs; but if an auxiliary spring fails, the blades will remain in the armed position due to the counterweights, ensuring that there is always a level of protection. 

If you need a product for speeds greater than 15 mph, contact Roadshark.

Available in 38″ and 48″ segments (LPC38/LPC48), our durable, maintenance-free LPC One Way Barrier was made to survive the toughest environments and could be exactly what you need.

One Way Barrier Uses

Navy Sites

This Navy site tried one of our competitors, whose product failed miserably and was removed after 1 month (see red scrap metal in top left corner). Roadshark barriers have become the recommended choice (Preferred Product) by the US NAVY. This installation has been running smoothly since September 2018. (LPC38 shown in photo)

Firearm Warehouses

This Roadshark installation in TN has an important job, protecting a firearms warehouse.


Roadshark LPC at a resort in MACAU. Running smoothly since Dec 2017. No broken bearings (we don’t use bearings, we have a patented bushing system) . Twice a year they remove the coverplates and blow out the debris with a Leaf Blower, pressurized air or a Shop Vac. (LPC38 shown in photo)

Private Residences

LPCD Low Profile Counterbalanced Deterrent model This is a custom version of our popular LPC inground barrier – The customer requested rounded, non aggressive blades for the barrier to act as a “Deterrent” for the first year. In 2020 they requested standard blades with sharpened blades to ensure that nobody drives the wrong way and damages their gate or enters the premises. Running smoothly since Feb 2019. Note* We include a 20inch custom stencil free (a $50 value) with every order to assist customers with proper warning signage. (LPC38 shown in photo)

What are some benefits of Roadshark’s LPC barriers?

  • Proprietary Lockdown Mechanism

    This patent pending feature allows the blades to be locked down easily and quickly.

  • Reinforced Axle

    This prevents blades from bending or twisting. Roadshark’s axles and blades are coated with high-visibility yellow nylon coating (which outlives galvanizing and powder-coating by 10 times).

  • No Rust.

    Roadshark uses polyurethane coatings and stainless-steel fasteners. The top plate on Roadshark barriers is secured with stainless-steel bolts that won’t rust or stain barrier surfaces. Their polyurethane finish reduces operating noise and won’t wear off like powder-coating.

  • Precut Mounting Holes

    These make installation easier.  

  • Precut Drain Holes

    These come in two sizes so drain fittings can be connected if desired.

  • Heat Trace Cable

    This serves to keep Roadshark’s LPC units ice-free.

The barriers can be installed using three different methods—void form, pre-poured into the pad, or dropped into place.

Blades can be of standard beveled edge, or sharpened. They can also be ordered as rounded if the barrier is only intended as a deterrent. (This model is considered a special order.)

Having been tested by customers, Roadshark is the only product on the market that consistently flattens vehicle tires.

Roadshark barriers are built to last and will give you years of trouble-free operation. Some barriers in the U.S. experience over 6000 vehicles a day and are reliable where competitors’ products have failed.

Why choose Roadshark?

Roadshark has been building traffic control systems since 2005. Customer satisfaction is our main goal. Through continuous improvement, we’ve able to deliver the most reliable products on the market. We engineer durable low-maintenance barriers with an emphasis on the highest-quality coatings to ensure our equipment survives in the toughest environments. This includes adaptations for surviving snow-clearing equipment in northern locations.

We have worked with contractors in almost every state and have developed detailed installation instructions, allowing contractors to easily install and service their products. Further benefits include a comprehensive, two-year warranty, honored by Roadshark directly. Additional years of warranty coverage are also offered.

The average life of Roadshark equipment is over seven years, saving customers much money in the long run. Furthermore, many Roadshark systems have been in operation for over 7 years. Replacement parts are stocked for a period of 8 years; Roadshark supplies all parts for its customers.

In the event of deployment on an offending vehicle, the Roadshark system can usually be put back into service immediately (The same applies to SM units).

If some damage is caused to a blade or axle, the individual segment can be replaced in a matter of minutes.

With its many patent-pending features, the Roadshark LPC barrier offers a superior solution you won’t find anywhere else.

Install Process

Customer excavated a 24” wide trench and packed some course gravel on the bottom.  Built a form 9” wide by 6.5” deep and poured concrete around it.  Let the concrete harden and removed the forms.

Customer excavated a 24” wide trench and packed some course gravel on the bottom.  Built a form 9” wide by 6.5” deep and poured concrete around it.  Let the concrete harden and removed the forms.

The Roadshark LPC48 units arrive “ready to install”  

Roadshark LPC48 units are simply dropped into place, with a slight gap between the segments.

The crew drilled 8 holes into the concrete for each segment then used the Roadshark installation hardware to secure the barriers in place

    (LPC38 and LPC48 shown in photos above)

    If you are searching for tiger teeth please remember that TigerTeeth™ is a registered US Trademark of Roadshark International Inc.

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