Roadshark – LPC one way barrier now available

This Navy site tried one of our competitors, whose product failed miserably and was removed after 1 month (see red scrap metal in top left corner). Roadshark barriers have become the recommended choice (Preferred Product) by the US NAVY. This installation has been running smoothly since Sept 2018
Installation information for LPC inground one-way barrier
This Roadshark installation in TN has an important job, protecting a firearms warehouse.
Roadshark LPC at a resort in MACAU. Running smoothly since Dec 2017. No broken bearings (we don’t use bearings, we have a patented bushing system) . Twice a year they remove the coverplates and blow out the debris with a Leaf Blower, pressurized air or a Shop Vac.
LPCD Low Profile Counterbalanced Deterrent model This is a custom version of our popular LPC inground barrier – The customer requested rounded, non aggressive blades for the barrier to act as a “Deterrent” for the first year. In 2020 they requested standard blades with sharpened blades to ensure that nobody drives the wrong way and damages their gate or enters the premises. Running smoothly since Feb 2019. Note* We include a 20inch custom stencil free (a $50 value) with every order to assist customers with proper warning signage.