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LPE & SME Barriers

(SME48 shown in photo above)

Roadshark electric road barriers provide enhanced security for parking lots, gated communities, military bases, and more. While Roadshark barriers can be used in many different instances, two of the most common applications are:

  • Vehicle Theft Prevention

    Roadshark’s electric road barriers can be programmed to connect to your parking lot’s card reader, so drivers can only pass the barrier with a valid card. Businesses who’ve implemented Roadshark into their parking lots can relax knowing cars parked in the lot will be staying in the lot.

  • Traffic

    Military bases, border crossings, state parks, parking lots, and gated communities all utilize Roadshark’s road barriers for traffic control. They give users full control, letting them choose who can pass the barrier and who cannot.

Roadshark has two different models of electric barriers. LPE (Low-Profile Electric) and SME (Surface Mount Electric). Sharpened steel blades are raised and lowered by an electric controller.  Controllers are available in 12V, 24V and 120 VAC and normally have 120 VAC input.

Both systems come in lengths of 7ft to 30ft made up of 38” and 48” segments that are joined together using Roadshark’s proprietary modular design (patent pending).

Electric and Non-Electric systems are usually assembled using 38” and 48” sections /segments. Electric systems range from 6ft to 32 ft in length.  Systems can be activated by KeyPad (10digit), Card reader, Tag reader, Key Fob Remote Control, wired controller and Wireless cell phone or WiFI receiver.  Electric systems can be synchronized with existing gate arms, existing gates or with computerized PLC security systems.

Roadshark also has developed spring loaded models that have an electric override function where blades can be locked down during emergency situations.  Ask for details on our SMO and LPO model.

New for 2023!

SMM and LPM – Surface Mount Manual and Low Profile Manual lockable systems.   Are effective at preventing auto theft and theft from compounds and private property.  Blades are manually locked up on down and no electricity is required.  Systems are available from 6ft-32 ft.

What is an LPE barrier?

A Low Profile Electric Road Barrier from Roadshark International.

(LPE48 shown in photo above)

LPE stands for Low Profile Electric. This road barrier is inserted into the concrete; it is excellent for industrial sites, where blades are up throughout the day to prevent entry but lowered at the end of the day so security and staff can leave the parking lot. One of the biggest advantages of the LPE barrier is that, when its blades are down, vehicles can travel over it at speeds of 20MPH or more.

(LPE38 and LPE48 shown in photos above)

100 Acre Woods Development

If our base model products will not do the job, we regularly work with our clients to build custom products. Pictured here is a LPE1600, comprised of a controller and four LPE48 segments.

If you are in need of a custom product, please contact us and we would be happy to find a solution that works for you.

Custom Low Profile Electric barrier from Road Shark International

What is an SME barrier?

An SME (Surface Mount Electric) barrier serves a similar purpose to the LPE model. Instead of being inserted into the concrete, the SME barrier is set up on top of the road. This barrier is a cost-effective option for traffic control and boasts the same high-quality, durable Roadshark design that users have come to expect.

(SME48 shown in photo above)

With these barriers, authorized persons raise and lower the blades with an electric controller. Barrier blades will prevent access to any unauthorized vehicles. Not only do these barriers prevent people from leaving or entering, when necessary; they also prevent cars from being stolen, and the theft of other wares.

Roadshark SME barriers allow the gate operators to easily control the direction and flow of traffic.

These are the units we build for US military and also Border Services. You have the option of 12V actuator with battery backup connector as shown in the video.

If you prefer the internal actuator to be 24V- we can do that- same price. 

The traffic signal lights are optional,(they may not be ordered in 4” or 8” red/green LED.  

The length of the units is variable from 7’3” of spikes to 30’.  Controller is 27” wide by 7.75” deep by 8” high.

(SME38 and SME48 shown in photos above)

Traffic signal lights are optional, (they may be ordered in 4” or 8” diameter  red/green LED.)  

The length of these systems is variable from 7’2” of spikes to 30’. Individual segments are 38” or 48”. Controller cabinet is 27” wide by 7.75” deep by 8” high and can be located on the Right side or Left side.

(LPE38 shown in video above)

Case Studies

Case Study 1

At a high-end apartment building in Chicago, two luxury vehicles were stolen within a week. The escape was easy; the thieves simply lifted the wooden arms of the gate and got away.

After these thefts, the building owner bought a Roadshark electric SME system and connected it to his card reader and gate arm. Now, if a vehicle does not present a valid card, the blades stay up and the vehicle cannot leave. In 8 months since integrating the Roadshark system they have not had any vehicles stolen.

Case Study 2

The Atlanta airport parking lot has six lanes with our SME barriers, and 2 lanes with our LPE barriers. They’ve integrated the barriers with their Magnetic Brand Gate Arms and their parking pay stations. The Roadshark barriers prevent people from leaving without paying and prevent cars from being stolen.

Case Study 3

In 2021, an industrial site experienced brazen thefts costing the business thousands each week. Thieves attended the factory compound in broad daylight and intimidated security. They loaded trucks with goods and semi-precious metals from the facility and escaped. Roadshark SME spike barriers were installed; the blades are normally locked in the armed position, but supervisory staff inside the building or off site can lower the blades using Cellular Activation. They can only be raised or lowered by sending a code via text message or using a wireless remote control inside the building. In the 9 months since installing the Roadshark barriers, there have been no thefts.

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