MagnumSpike Strips Distributor

Magnumspike Spike Strips

Distributor of Magnum Spike police spike belts, also known as Spike Strips or Tire Deflation Devices (TDDs). MagnumSpike is a superior product with a proven track record, serving Law Enforcement, Department of Homeland Defence and military agencies since 1986. Contact us for a quotation.

High-Risk Pursuit?
Take Control With The MagnumSpike!
The Ultimate Weapon Against High Speed Chases
Serving Law Enforcement, Department of Defense & Homeland Security

Hard Case

  • Model:


  • Deployed length:

    25 ft

  • Cased dimensions:

    20″ x 30″ x 4″

  • Number of spikes:


  • Spike size:


  • Winding reel:

    45 ft, 150 lb. test nylon cord

  • Total weight:

    22 & 1/2 lbs

  • Includes:

    250 protective practice caps and 50 extra magnum spikes

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