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(SME38 shown in photo above)


Can you handle large orders?

Our investment in a robotic welder in 2019 ensures consistency, and has increased production capacity.

Can you ship promptly?

Our average leadtime is 5 days.  If you need something fast we will do our best to assist.

What is the lowest height of the Surface mounted SM model with the spikes both raised and lowered?

The height of the frame and coverplate with blades lowered is 2.06 inches. The maximum height of the blades is normally 4.5 inches.

The top portion of the cover does not have exposed bolt heads or other protrusions that would catch on low vehicles or trailer hitches.

What is the maximum height of the blades?

The maximum blade height is 3.75” for our TigerTeeth models TT36, TT38 and TT48 . The maximum blade height is 4.25” for our SM models SM36, SM38 and SM48.

Our units also allow the angle of the blades to be reduced (as well as the height of the blade tips) with the use of internal rubber bumpers. If thicker rubber bumpers are installed then the height of the blades is reduced. These rubber bumpers are provided free of charge. The rubber bumpers also allow for quieter operation than our competitors.

Do we pay extra for the latchdown feature and do we have to buy special tools?

Unlike our competitors, our Latchdown feature is included and doesn’t require the purchase of any special tools.

What exactly is unique about your latch-down mechanism?

Our proprietary Lockdown feature is located at the top of the unit. It consists of a patented threaded mechanism that is turned down and lowers the blades. It takes about 30 seconds to lock the blades down with a wrench (or ratchet with 3/4″ socket).

Some of our competitors use a small screw in the lower portion of the blade area. This looks fine in the showroom but in the real world this area is covered with dust and debris.

Our cover plates have a very durable polyurethane coating that keeps the units looking good for several years. 10 times longer than any of our competitors’ powdercoating.

Roadshark axles and blades coated with high visibility yellow coating that we have found outlives galvanizing by 10 times.

Are there any import or customs issues/fees/charges shipping from Canada?

There are no customs issues or fees. Winnipeg is a transportation hub in North America and there are many freight options to choose from. We pay a customs brokerage fee (about $70) but that is always included in our shipping cost.

95% of our customers pay in USD so that is not an issue.

Can I buy Roadshark products from another distributor?

Our products are available through a network of contractors and distributors or you can purchase directly from us in most circumstances.

Can I buy Roadshark products through GSA or other govt or military program?

Roadshark International Inc. works with Quantico Tactical (NC USA) and AGL Advanced Government Logistics (NC USA) and other Distributors to provide products via GSA and other purchasing programs.

How durable are your Electric models, the LPE and SME?

Roadshark LPE and SME models use a motor that is rated for 80,000 cycles. The system is available in 12V or 24V and can also be connected to 120AC supply.

How fast are your Electric models, the LPE and SME?

Roadshark LPE and SME models raise their blades to the armed position in 1.5 seconds and the time to lower the blades is also 1.5 seconds.