Why RoadShark

We have been building traffic control systems since 2005. Customer satisfaction is our main goal. Through Continuous Improvement we are able to deliver the most reliable products on the market. We engineer durable barriers that are low maintenance, with an emphasis on the highest quality coatings to ensure our equipment survives the toughest environments.


Some features include:

  • Adjustable Blade Height and Angle – Roadshark traffic spike barrier users can adjust the blades to be less aggressive. This can allow for a “phase in” period for motorists at new installations. – Customers can adjust the thickness of the internal rubber bumpers and lower the blade height if required.
  • Proprietary Lockdown Mechanism – easy to use and blades can be locked down in less than a minute. If our competitors have this type of feature, it may work in their showroom but good luck in the corrosive, dirty environment of the real world.!
  • Reinforced Axle – prevents blades from bending or twisting. Axles and blades are coated with high visibility yellow nylon coating ( which outlives galvanizing and powdercoating by 10 times)
  • No Rust – Polyurethane coatings and stainless steel fasteners. The top plate of Roadshark barriers is held down with stainless steel bolts that will not rust and stain the surface of the barriers. Our polyurethane finish will not wear off like powdercoating and reduces operating noise.
  • Adjustable Spring Tension. – Roadshark installers can adjust the size and number of torsion springs to achieve the required tension (upward force on the blades ).
  • Low Maintenance. – Our barriers can go months without cleaning. We use one axle per unit which reduces the number of springs required and the amount of maintenance required. Some of our competitors use multiple springs for every 1 or 2 blades which requires continuous maintenance as springs fail
  • Stainless Steel Springs. – The strength and design or our springs results in less maintenance with springs lasting over 100,000+ cycles. Springs can last several months and replacement is normally done in under 10 minutes. springs are $15.00 USD each to replace.
  • Reduce Operating Noise & Increase Life – Internal rubber bumpers reduce operating noise and increase the life of barrier components.

You will find that our barriers are built to last and will give you years of trouble-free operation. Some of the Roadshark barriers currently installed in the U.S. experience over 5000 vehicles per day and have been reliable where competitors’ products have failed.

Roadshark LPC one way barrier This model is our Low Profile Counterbalanced inground traffic barrier. It does not rely on springs and is maintenance free. It is in use in 19 military and border applications and can handle traffic volumes of 5000+ vehicles per day and speeds of 10 MPH.

A surface mounted oneway barrier with a base height of 2.0″inches, equal to a common speed bump. Heavy-duty spring-loaded blades extend up to 4.5″inches ( 11.5 cm) above the road surface, however blade size and angle is adjustable. Spring tension is also adjustable.

An in-ground compression barrier that is installed flush with the roadway. Heavy-duty spring-loaded blades extend 4.5″inches ( 11.5 cm) above the road surface, however blade size is adjustable. Spring tension is also adjustable.