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Controlling Traffic and Maximizing Border Security with Roadshark International

With the rise of global trade and travel, the need for effective and reliable traffic control systems at border crossings has become even more pressing.

Roadshark barriers are setup to help with traffic control at a border crossing.

Proper traffic control at border crossings can prevent a variety of security threats, such as:

  • illegal entry of individuals or vehicles
  • human trafficking
  •  drug smuggling 
  • terrorism

Additionally, it can help manage the flow of traffic, reducing wait times and reducing the risk of traffic accidents. Effective traffic control at border crossings can also assist in maintaining order and ensuring the safety of both border personnel and the general public. By implementing proper traffic control measures, border crossings can become more secure and efficient, ensuring the security and well-being of everyone involved.

One solution to meet this need is the Roadshark LPE (Low Profile Electric) Barrier. Designed to withstand the toughest conditions, the LPE Barrier offers a low-profile, electric option that provides reliable protection while still allowing for efficient movement of traffic. The LPE Barrier is designed to be inserted into concrete, making it ideal for industrial sites where sharpened steel blades need to be raised throughout the day to prevent entry but lowered at the end of the day so security and staff can leave easily. One of the key advantages of the LPE Barrier is its ability to withstand high speeds; vehicles can travel over it at speeds of 20 mph or more when its blades are down.

A spiked barrier blocks cars from leaving a parking lot for traffic control purposes.

With Roadshark’s LPE Barrier, facility managers can keep unauthorized vehicles from entering secure areas, while also allowing authorized vehicles to pass through with ease.

Roadshark offers two different models of electric barriers: LPE and SME (Surface Mount Electric). Both systems are raised and lowered by an electric controller and come in lengths ranging from 7 feet to 30 feet, made up of 38-inch and 48-inch segments that are joined together using Roadshark’s proprietary modular design (patent pending). The controllers are available in 12V, 24V, and 120 VAC, with a standard 120 VAC input.

Roadshark also offers a non-electric solution – the LPC One Way Barrier.

In case of a security threat or a fleeing vehicle, the Roadshark Barriers can be quickly be activated with the press of a button. Roadshark’s systems have already proven their effectiveness in stopping criminals fleeing from CBP checkpoints in the USA.

Contact us today to learn more about electric barrier solutions from Roadshark International.

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