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Road Spike Barrier Military Test

In April 2012, our LP barriers were tested with a reduced blade height of 8.5 cm (3.5 inches). The Roadshark LP model and LPC ( counterbalanced +weighted) model were tested and once again the test vehicle’s tires were flattened. Black rubber was left behind on the blades however the barriers were not damaged by the test!

Military Test Facility for Road Spike Barrier

See Traffic Spike in Action!

Roadshark Road Spikes at Military Base Georgia USA

In 2007 Roadshark supplied one-way, in ground road spike barriers at a military base. The previous contractor had installed equipment that was poorly designed and did not work (the thin blades were getting bent and jamming from normal use). 

In their 6th year of service. Spring replacements have been every 9 months on average. These heavy duty barriers are still in use today (June 2012)!

Roadshark Road Spikes at Military Base