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Author: Roadshark International Inc.

Spike Barrier to Stop Thefts

Toronto, Canada -Semi-Truck and Trailer compound. In 2010, thieves started a semi truck and exited the compound with the stolen truck and trailer by driving through the wooden gate arm. The trailer was later recovered however $200,000 in contents was stolen. Three months later another similar theft occurred. Roadshark International supplied a SME barrier, 12 feet in length with an electric controller. Incoming trucks do not have to stop, however outgoing trucks have to stop and the security guard to lowers the blades. No further thefts have occurred.

Spike Barrier to Stop Thefts

Spike Barrier to Stop Break-Ins

In 2009 we were contacted by a Golf and Country Club in British Columbia, Canada. The business had been broken into on several occasions with thousands of dollars of property stolen. A chain was placed across the driveway however thieves just drove through it using a stolen vehicle. Roadshark International supplied a surface mounted spike barrier with a latchdown mechanism which allows golf course staff to lock the blades down during business hours. No further break and enters have occurred.

Spike Barrier to Stop Break-Ins

Road Spike Barrier Military Test

In April 2012, our LP barriers were tested with a reduced blade height of 8.5 cm (3.5 inches). The Roadshark LP model and LPC ( counterbalanced +weighted) model were tested and once again the test vehicle’s tires were flattened. Black rubber was left behind on the blades however the barriers were not damaged by the test!

Military Test Facility for Road Spike Barrier

See Traffic Spike in Action!

Gated Community Traffic Spikes

In a gated community in the USA, Roadshark International custom designed a system with extra large stainless steel blades. This system was designed with a “Panic Button” style activation and electric motorized controller. If offenders drive through the security checkpoint, the blades will be instantly raised and the vehicle’s tires are torn apart. Since the installation of this system in 2008, no security breaches have occurred.

Gated Community In-Ground Traffic Spikes