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Spike Barrier to Stop Break-Ins

In 2009 we were contacted by a Golf and Country Club in British Columbia, Canada. The business had been broken into on several occasions with thousands of dollars of property stolen. A chain was placed across the driveway however thieves just drove through it using a stolen vehicle. Roadshark International supplied a surface mounted spike barrier with a latchdown mechanism which allows golf course staff to lock the blades down during business hours. No further break and enters have occurred.

Spike Barrier to Stop Break-Ins

Tire Spikes in Parking Lot

In March 2008 Roadshark worked with a local contractor to provide Surface mounted one-way tire spikes to the City of San Diego, for an exit-only driveway at a beach parking lot. The Roadshark surface mounted tire spikes were engineered to survive excessive salt and sand conditions. Despite several warning signs the Roadshark surface mounted barriers did the job.

Surface Mounted Tire Spikes in Parking Lot