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Spike Barrier to Stop Thefts

Toronto, Canada -Semi-Truck and Trailer compound. In 2010, thieves started a semi truck and exited the compound with the stolen truck and trailer by driving through the wooden gate arm. The trailer was later recovered however $200,000 in contents was stolen. Three months later another similar theft occurred. Roadshark International supplied a SME barrier, 12 feet in length with an electric controller. Incoming trucks do not have to stop, however outgoing trucks have to stop and the security guard to lowers the blades. No further thefts have occurred.

Spike Barrier to Stop Thefts

Gated Community Traffic Spikes

In a gated community in the USA, Roadshark International custom designed a system with extra large stainless steel blades. This system was designed with a “Panic Button” style activation and electric motorized controller. If offenders drive through the security checkpoint, the blades will be instantly raised and the vehicle’s tires are torn apart. Since the installation of this system in 2008, no security breaches have occurred.

Gated Community In-Ground Traffic Spikes

Tire Shredder Road Spikes at Military Checkpoint Iraq

In January 2008 Roadshark International Inc designed a security solution for Coalition Forces in Baghdad, IRAQ. Vehicles were approaching military checkpoints at high rates of speed. Due to the constant threat of terrorists and car bombs many incidents ended with unnecessary (bloodshed) civilian shootings. 

Roadshark developed a tire shredder spike system with input from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. A red traffic signal light directs vehicles to stop prior to the Roadshark barrier which is located 200 ft from the army personnel at the main checkpoint. After motorists stop and are identified, the blades of the barrier are lowered and the traffic signal turns to green and motorists are allowed to proceed. This allows for a 200 ft Safety Zone and more reaction time for troops to deal with incoming threats.

Tire Shredder Road Spikes at Military Checkpoint

Military Base In-Ground Spike Barrier

In Oct 2007 a U.S. military base had a problem with vehicles trespassing on military property and when approached by military police, the culprits would flee out an unauthorized exit. Once the culprits were off of the property the military police would not pursue them.

Roadshark designed an in-ground tire spike barrier with a pneumatic actuator so that the blades could be raised instantly by pushing a “Panic Button” in emergency situations. This equipment has sent a message and eliminated unauthorized vehicles on this property.

Military Base In-Ground Spike Barrier

Tire Spikes at Beijing Olympics

In 2008, Roadshark International worked with Security contractors to establish safe perimeters for various sites at the Beijing Olympics. The custom built spike barriers were controlled by Security guards who raised and lowered the blades. Systems were designed and built with electric controllers and pneumatic controllers.