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Traffic Control With Roadshark International

Traffic control is a critical component of road safety and urban planning. By managing the flow of vehicles, pedestrians, and bicycles, traffic control helps to reduce the risk of accidents, and improve road safety. Effective traffic control can also help to reduce congestion, improve emergency response times, and enhance the quality of life in a community by reducing noise and air pollution. Additionally, it plays an important role in supporting public transportation services, bicycle infrastructure, and road maintenance.

Traffic control products including road signs and pylons indicate a lane is closed.

Traffic control plays a part in every commuter’s day, including yours. You might not realize it, but it effects the routes we take, where we can and can’t turn, and even where we park. Some of the more prominent areas include parking lots, border crossings, military sites, private neighbourhoods and arenas. In these locations, having control over where cars can and cannot go is crucial for many reasons.

Road Shark International is a leading provider of traffic control solutions for a wide range of applications. With a commitment to safety, efficiency, and innovation, we offer a comprehensive selection of products and services to help manage traffic flow and keep locations secure.

Some areas we specialize in are:

Private residences and gated communities

Navy sites and military bases

Border crossings

Parking lots, events and arenas

Our one way barriers, electric barriers, traffic spikes and road signs can all be used to control the flow of traffic and prevent vehicles from going places they shouldn’t.

Check out the links below to learn more about our products.

Roadshark's LPC One Way Barrier

LPC One Way Barrier

(LPC38 shown in photo above)

These barriers are easily installed and control the direction of traffic. They are the first line of defense at over 100 military sites and high security facilities

Electric Barriers

(SME2000 system (20ft length) shown in photo above)

Roadshark electric barriers provide enhanced security for parking lots, gated communities, military bases, and more.

Roadshark's TigerTeeth Barriers - used for traffic control.

TigerTeeth Surface Mount Traffic Spikes – TT38 & TT48

(TT48 shown in photo above)

A surface mounted oneway barrier. Low blade height makes it ideal for parking lots, exits and gated communities.

Roadshark's Surface Mount Traffic Spikes - used for traffic control.

Surface Mount Traffic Spikes – SM38 & SM48 – Blade Height 4.25″

(SM48 shown in photo above)

A surface mounted oneway barrier with a base height of 2.0″inches, equal to a common speed bump.